Food at the Dragon's Pantry

Food served 7 days a week during the hours of 12.00-2.00pm Mon - Fri and 12.00-4.00pm Sat & Sun. The menu we serve may change from that listed here without prior notification.

A separate allergen menu is available. Please ask a member of staff if you have any concerns.

Burnt Bread with various fillings

(Toasties to you and me)

Cheese £3.70
Cheese with Tomato, Pickle or Onion £3.80
Cheese and Ham £4.00
Cheese and Tuna £4.00
Cheese and Bacon £4.10
Just Bacon or Tuna £3.95
Cheese and Beans £3.80


Dragon Specials, we call them snacks but we know you won't eat for a week.

Just Chips £3.50
Cheesy Chips £4.30
Chilli Chips £4.95
Curry Chips £4.95
Boli Chips £4.95
Potato Skins with 1 dip £4.25
Dips:- Mayo, Garlic, Cheese & Chive, Sour cream, Curry, Boli, Chilli, Cottage Cheese  
Pot of Chilli with Cheese and Bread £3.95

Fresh Mixed Salads

Chicken £7.25
Beef £6.75
Ham £6.75
Tuna £6.75


We don't do club sarni's, we want your money now.

Beef (hot or cold) £4.75
Ham £4.75
The Original Chip Buttie £4.75
Giant Chip Buttie (not for the faint hearted) £6.25
Tuna and Mayo £4.75
Sausage £4.75
Bacon £4.75
Cheese with Tomato, Pickle or Onion £4.25

Jacket Spuds

(Potatoes with coats on)

with Beans £4.95
with Coleslaw £4.95
with Cheese £4.95
with Tuna £4.95
with Boli Sauce £5.25
with Chilli £5.25
with Curry (vegi) £5.25
with Cottage Cheese £4.95
...and anything you'd bloody well like. Price on application.  

Main Meals

(For older boys and girls)

Boozy Beef Pie £7.25
Roasted Chicken £7.25
Gammon Steak £7.25
Haddock £6.95
Beefburger £6.95
Lasagne £7.25
Chilli Tacos £6.95
Ham, egg, chips £6.95
Sausage, chips, beans £6.25


Ploughmans £7.25
Veggie and  cheese bake £7.25
Veggie Burger £6.95
Mushroom and Spinach Lasagne £7.25


Cheese 70p
Mushrooms 60p
Onions (fried) 40p
Coleslaw 70p
Fried Egg 60p
Bacon 80p
Bread 60p
Beans 60p
Garlic Bread £2.10
Side order of chips (with a sarnie only) £1.50
Side Salad £2.20
Onion Rings £1.50