Fruit and Country Wines

Apricot (Sweet)  
A luscious, rich aromatic wine with a full apricot taste.

Cherry (Sweet)  
A smooth, sweet wine full of cherry flavours with aromatic almond overtones

Birch (Dry)  
A pale and deliciously dry wine with a crisp delicate flavour.


Blackberry (Sweet)  
Deep crimson in colour with a rich tangy sweetness.

Damson (Dry)  
A mellow medium wine with a hint of pepper, extremely easy drinking.

Gooseberry (Sweet)  
A light refreshing and zesty wine with a smooth character.

Sloe (Medium)  
A medium sweet wine with a delicate flavour and mellow taste.

Strawberry (Sweet)  
Overflowing with fresh strawberry flavour, ideal as a dessert accompaniment.

Ginger (Sweet)
A delicious wine, overflowing with sweet spice and warmth.

Black Beer and Raisin (Sweet)  
A  unique, rich, smooth, black wine.

Plum (Sweet)  
Rich and plummy, imagine biting into a ripe plum - this is it.

Raspberry (Med / Sweet)
Ripe raspberry character and a real berry aroma.

Elderberry (Sweet)  
A robust red, rich in colour and flavour.

Cranberry (Med / Sweet)
A tangy medium-sweet wine, great as a spritzer.

Various ABV's

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